Coronavirus alarm signal: sms recovery scenario


The warnings of the experts in order to stop it are now in dramatic tones second wave of coronavirus which is spreading in our country. The situation, as they describe, is now in turning point and emphasize that, if not taken immediately new measures, can escape and become uncontrollable.
What worries experts is the return of hikers to major urban centers and transportation and spread of the coronavirus from young to older and on vulnerable groups of the population. The measures taken do not seem to be enough, as the stores did close, but the party continue on streets, beaches and squares, creating new outbreaks.

“In fact, we are in the second epidemiological wave of coronavirus and there is a particularly increasing trend and it is possible to see increasing trends in hospitalizations as well”, she said talking to him TOPIC 104.6 the professor of Microbiology Athanasios Tsakris.

“It is very likely that we will see a big increase”, stressed.As the professor of microbiology pointed out “If we do not manage to stop it now, things will be very difficult in the near future. Everything is possible”.

New measures by experts

With the situation having reached the point of no return, the experts are taking new measures out of their quiver. The possibility of universal lockdown has been ruled out, but not that of the traffic restriction that returns to the table.Overcrowding and relaxation give rise to new infections, say experts who see the country reaching a tipping point. If the cases do not decrease in the next two weeks, then the pressure on the health system will begin, as imports will increase and the situation will hardly be reversed.

Speaking to MEGA, the Nikolaos Sypsas, an infectious disease specialist and member of the coronavirus committee, said that three-digit number of cases implies negative developments.

Mr. Sypsas stressed that it is very important for everyone to take the responsibility that belongs to them, especially the young people who return from their holidays and come in contact with their own. Regarding its restoration SMS for travel, “It will probably happen when we have a big outbreak of the epidemic and it will happen locally.”

The return of the SMS stressed that “The return of the SMS is on the table locally, geographically if there is a large spread of the virus somewhere”.

As he said, the experts “We are constantly monitoring it pandemic». “It is not ruled out that new measures will be announced before Monday, and yesterday we made proposals to the government.”

Regarding the young people who may be carriers of the virus, speaking to SKAI the president of the Panhellenic Medical Association, Athanasios Exadaktylos, said that “Young people are more exposed to getting infected, because their activities are like that. But they are also more protected from this virus, because they get sick more easily. To treat young people with understanding. We need their cooperation “, he stated.

What Mr. Exadaktylos recommends is to avoid contact with their own and especially with people who belong to vulnerable groups for 7 days after returning from vacation. “The test to do it a few days after the return, not immediately after, because it can come out false negative “. Also, whoever returns from holidays, should wear a mask for at least 7 days.

Coronavirus test in the ports of Piraeus, Rafina

At her own risk spread of the coronavirus due to the synergy, an order was given for a direct epidemiological sampling in the ports of Piraeus and Rafina for travelers entering the Region.

The order came from the Attica Regional Governor, George Patouli, who in a statement stressed: “We will guard Public Health security at the entrances of the Region to reduce the phenomenon of the spread of infections by holiday returnees.”

What will happen to schools and universities

The big bet, which the government will be called upon to deal with soon, is return of students to the desks and the University exam.

As everything shows and always with the current data – which can be overturned overnight – the Committee of Scientists is positive in the opening of schools. However, he did not rule out a suggestion to the Ministry of Education to make it mandatory use of mask.

“If at the opening of the schools the situation is as it is today, the masks may be mandatory every day at all levels and in primary school” reported the Anastasia Kotanidou, Professor of Intensive Care Pulmonology at the University of Athens, explaining that the masks should be either fabric or surgical.

Students in schools with a negative test

For universities, infectious disease specialists discuss the return of students in cases where they need to attend for life. However, the discussion is about how this will be done, as students belong to high risk group.

In this context, there are discussions about precaution coronavirus test to students before returning to university desks.

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