Coronavirus as the biggest danger for dogs? No, parasites are much worse


“According to the State Veterinary Administration, covid-19 spreads only from person to person and there is no evidence that pets or livestock are involved in the spread of the virus. Therefore, there is no need to buy animals a veil or paw sleeves, “emphasizes veterinarian Jitka Tahadlová.

On the contrary, dog owners should spend time in the summer season on the real health risks posed by external parasites.

“Not all dog and cat owners think that ticks are carriers of serious diseases that can infect humans. Owners should not underestimate the timely administration of antiparasitic drugs. This protects itself and your animal, “recommends the vet, according to which about a third of owners neglect protection against ticks.

The choice of anti-tick agents is varied. There are antiparasitic collars that protect the animal for up to three quarters of a year, or preparations in a spray or pipette that the owner applies directly to their skin. There are also antiparasitics available in tablets and capsules, which a dog or (some) cat swallows, for example, in a piece of a favorite food.

The words of the Czech veterinarian are also confirmed by the findings of foreign veterinarians and experts. The British Daily Mail, for example, quotes Dr. Jenna Kiddie, who specializes in dog behavior at the Dog Trus charity. She also points out that there is currently no evidence of dog-to-human transmission of coronavirus.

At the same time, however, it recognizes that the virus may be present, for example, on a leash, collar or, in the colder months, on a garment, for some time along the way in a vehicle or from other crowded places.

In case of justified fears of infection, it is therefore rather reasonable to treat these parts of the dog’s walking equipment regularly, such as hands, ie it is possible to wash them with soapy water, or to apply disinfectant to some of them.

Veils can confuse and frighten dogs
According to Kiddie, the serious problem at the time of the coronavirus epidemic is rather for dogs and their owners measures concerning the wearing of veils. Dogs are used to reading most of the important information about their owner – and about any person in general – from the expression on his face. However, if he has it covered, the dog has nothing to catch when communicating. All the more so if the veil reduces the intelligibility of verbal commands. The dog can then be confused, but also frightened. Dog owners, as well as fellow passengers in vehicles, should therefore keep this fact in mind and apply the rule of sufficient distance to dogs.

Does your dog have any protection against external parasites?

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