Coronavirus: Five deaths in total since yesterday – 29-year-old doctors in Larissa in serious condition (video)


Two other deaths were recorded in the country, bringing the total number to 221. This is a 91-year-old woman who was treated at Papanikolaou Hospital and came from the nursing home in Asvestochori. The elderly woman suffered from many underlying diseases.

Another elderly woman, 88 years old, ended up in AHEPA.

After re-checking and tracking the cases rise at 42 as six more people tested positive.

Earlier it was reported that three more of our fellow citizens ended up. This is 87 years old from Chalcidice, 82 years old from Thessaloniki and 70 years old from Pieria.

The first was treated at the General Hospital of Halkidiki, the second and the third at the ICU of AHEPA.

The nursing home is in quarantine for seven days

The head of the Thessaloniki Prosecutor’s Office, Stefanos Zarkantzias, ordered a preliminary examination in order to investigate responsibilities for the spread of the coronavirus in the nursing home in Asvestochori, where 36 cases were identified. According to what Sotiris Tsiodras also mentioned, the outbreak of the infection was caused by an employee who tested positive, while the tracking reaches a concert in Halkidiki.

Employees in nursing homes, they ask, the mandatory molecular control of employees when returning from leave, as defined by the Ministry of Labor, to be done free of charge.

At the same time, the quarantine measure imposed due to a case in a hotel in Sindos, where refugees and immigrants are accommodated, was lifted.

The 27-year-old specialist doctor – 29-year-old doctors in serious condition was intubated

In Larissa, 4 cases of coronavirus remain in the Intensive Care Unit, while the 27-year-old specialist doctor was intubated. However, another 15 people are being treated in a negative pressure ward, including two NSS doctors, set in age 29 years old show very severe symptoms.

Their executives are put to the test Armed forces, as their colleague was positive. Thirty uniforms of the First Army underwent examinations, the results of which will be announced tomorrow.

Suspension of cultural events from the Attica region

By decision of the Attica Regional Governor G. Patoulis and after his relevant consultation with the Deputy Minister of Civil Protection N. Hardalias on the occasion of the new outbreak of Covid 19 cases and for reasons of better protection of public health, all cultural the Attica Region in co-organization with the Municipalities, from tomorrow Friday 14 August until 31 August.

Tracking continues in many parts of the country, where gatherings preceded. 151 cases were detected yesterday in Athens (66) and Thessaloniki, 11 in Magnesia, 8 in Halkidiki and 7 in Xanthi and Pella.

The Ministry of Health decided to increase the number of hospitals who will be able to treat COVID-19 cases.

Sweeping checks – Bell 1000 euros per captain

Coast Guard officers located inside a ship that had entered without a mask, resulting in a fine 1000 euro.

Yesterday, Wednesday 12 August, (52,210) inspections were carried out throughout the country and the following violations were confirmed:

(6) for the operation of stores beyond 24:00 with the imposition of an administrative fine of 10,000 euros and a three-day suspension of operation, namely (2) in Corfu, (1) in Zakynthos, (2) in Alexandroupolis and (1) in Crete.

Since the entry into force of the measure (Tuesday, August 11), a total of (18) relevant violations have been confirmed.

(17) violations and (2) arrests for rules of operation of shops and private companies (prohibition of operation, non-use of mask by staff, percentage of square meter per person, distances of table seats, non-declaration of appointments and customer list, etc. ).

Since the beginning of August, a total of (204) relevant violations have been confirmed and (18) people have been arrested.

(10) for non-completion of the electronic form PLF (Passenger Locator Form) by a traveler.

A total of (57) relevant violations have been confirmed since the beginning of August.

Episodic ended the control for the observance of the measures against the spread of the coronavirus in a cafeteria in Nafplio. The owner just found out about the padlock and the fine imposed on him fell into the harbor.

Source: ERT-Reportage: Lia Christara, Mania Gousiari, Sofia Patramani

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