Coronavirus in the world LIVE UPDATE August 14


There are over 20 million cases worldwide.

India leads the list of new infections with over 64,000 cases today, almost double that of the United States

Qatar is the leader in the number of infected per 1 million inhabitants with 40,000 cases per million.

IThe Robert Koch Institute (RKI), which is Germany’s leading authority on disease monitoring and prevention, withdrew a report on Wednesday that a coronavirus vaccine was very close.. The public health agency said the document was published by mistake.

The President of the Republic of Moldova Igor Dodon is negotiating with the Russian side to obtain the first officially registered vaccine against Covid-19 in the world.

“The first to be vaccinated are those who are at the forefront of the fight against the virus – doctors,” Igor Dodon told Komsomolskaya Pravda.

I was negotiating to get this vaccine last week, when I was in Moscow. There is a good chance we will get this vaccine. Of course, it is desirable that it be accessible to all citizens, but health workers should be the first. And also those who are on the front line – border guards, police officers, teachers ”

Asked if he has given this vaccine or is about to do so, the President of the Republic of Moldova said that he has not yet received this vaccine and does not consider it to be “one of the first”.

“There are those who risk their lives every day. It’s more important to them.”

Asked if the vaccine will be free or paid for, Igor Dodon said it all depends on negotiations with the Russian Federation.

The situation on August 13

Almost 750,000 deaths worldwide

There have been 749,358 deaths worldwide in almost eight months since the first coronavirus cases. Two days ago, the number of cases crossed the 20 million mark, now reaching 20,620,847.

India is experiencing a record increase in cases overnight

India reported another record number of new coronavirus infections on Thursday, with more than 47,000 deaths. In the last 24 hours, 66,999 new cases have appeared, after the country reached a total of almost 2.4 million so far. In the last 15 consecutive days, the country has had 50,000 or more cases each day.

More than a million Australians are now out of work

More than one million Australians are out of work, according to the latest labor force figures, which now show an unemployment rate of 7.5%. Even though the number of seasonal jobs increased by 114,700 people between June and July, and the number of working hours increased by 1.3%, the unemployment rate in July increased compared to 7.4%, as in June.

Close adviser to President Nicolás Maduro, infected with the new coronavirus

Venezuelan Communications Minister and close adviser to President Nicolás Maduro, Jorge Rodríguez, has been diagnosed with coronavirus, while daily cases in the country are steadily rising. “Even if I’m in good general condition, I have to follow the isolation measures and the care I need to heal,” Rodriguez said on Twitter.

The Australian state of Victoria has 278 new cases and eight deaths

The Australian state of Victoria registered 278 new cases of coronavirus overnight. Eight people have died in the last 24 hours.

New Zealand reports 14 new cases, 13 of which were in the same group

Dr Ashley Bloomfield, the country’s director general of health, said there was “no guilt or shame” in having Covid-19 – the virus is to blame and people are the solution.

“A woman from the Philippines, who arrived on August 8 and is in solitary confinement,” and “13 other new confirmed cases in Auckland,” Bloomfield said, bring a total of 14 new cases. There are 36 active cases in New Zealand.

Germany adds Bucharest to list of “risk areas”

Germany on Wednesday added Bucharest and several other Romanian counties to the list of places considered high risk for coronavirus infections, forcing a German minister to cancel a business trip to the country’s capital.

Jordan closes border with Syria after cases at the only open crossing point

Jordan closes the border with Syria for a week starting Thursday, after staff at the only open crossing point tested positive for the new coronavirus. AFP reports that Jordan has seen a drop in cases, with new infections reported mainly among foreign travelers, but has seen 25 cases of Covid-19 at the border with its northern neighbors in the past two days.

Interior Minister Salamah Hammad al-Sahaim on Wednesday decided “to close the Jaber customs post for a week starting Thursday morning,” local media reported. Jordan has a total of 1,303 coronavirus infections and 11 deaths, while Syria has confirmed more than 1,000 cases in federal areas, but the health ministry has acknowledged that it does not have “the capacity to conduct large-scale tests in the provinces.”

It took six months for the pandemic to cross the 10 million mark and only 45 days to exceed the 20 million mark.

The global number of known COVID-19 infections has exceeded 20 million with more than half of the cases in three countries: the United States, India and Brazil, according to a report by Johns Hopkins University.
The average number of new cases per day in the US has fallen in recent weeks, but remains at over 54,000, from almost 59,000 in India and almost 44,000 in Brazil.
In the 45 days that the number of cases doubled, the number of reported deaths rose to 736,191 from 499,506, according to figures provided by Johns Hopkins University. This means 236,685 new deaths, averaging more than 5,200 a day.

One day after Russia, Germany promises a coronavirus vaccine that could be ready by the fall

Just one day after Russia announced that they have a COVID-19 vaccine, called Sputnik-V, the Germans say they will also complete a vaccine against the virus by the fall, Deutsche Welle reports.
“Preliminary projections of the vaccine show that it could be ready by the end of autumn,” said officials at the German Institute for Infectious Diseases, Robert Koch Institute.

Fake news during the pandemic killed hundreds of people, a study shows

The study, published in the American Journal of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene, shows that fake news circulating during the coronavirus pandemic led to the deaths of 800 people. 5,900 people were hospitalized for consuming methanol, and 60 of them went blind.

Dailymail: Collective immunization does not work as a strategy against COVID-19

Sweden, which has never imposed isolation measures at the national level, has claimed that the population’s immunity in this way will lead to protection against the new virus. This tactic would have meant that many people would come into contact with the virus and become resistant to reduce the rate of long-term illness.
Sweden has had much higher infection and death rates than its Scandinavian neighbors. On June 23, there were 5,161 deaths – 511 cases per million inhabitants. And Norway and Finland had 45 and 59 deaths per million inhabitants, respectively. Sweden had five times more deaths than Denmark, which had 104 deaths per million inhabitants.

Facebook has cleaned up: 7 million fake posts about Covid have been deleted

Facebook announced that it deleted 7 million posts in the second quarter of the year, posting false information about the new coronavirus. Posts that offered false prevention measures or miraculous treatments were also deleted.
More than 22.5 million posts were removed from the platform for incitement to hatred, and 8.7 million posts were removed because they were linked to extremist organizations.

Which could be the source of the recurrence of COVID cases in New Zealand

Authorities in New Zealand are trying to determine if the source of the recurrence of COVID cases is a cold storage for imported goods, where one of the infected works. In addition to the four people tested positive yesterday, there are suspects and some other acquaintances of theirs, who are waiting for the test results.
“We have a new case of COVID-19 reported today in an isolation unit. That’s in addition to the four confirmed and reported last night in Auckland. There are also four other possible people with symptoms, who came in contact with the four “, said Ashley Bloomfield, Minister of Health.

What official documents say about Vladimir Putin’s vaccine against coronavirus

One of the documents submitted for registration says that “no clinical trials have been conducted to study the epidemiological efficacy,” despite Putin’s claims that the vaccine has passed “all necessary tests.” There are also doubts about the vaccine’s ability to create enough antibodies. Tests showed that on the 42nd day after vaccination, the volunteers had antibodies below the average level.

Germany’s response to the Russian vaccine named “Sputnik V”

German Health Minister Jens Spahn said on Wednesday that the Russian vaccine against COVID-19 had not been tested enough, adding that the goal was to have a safe product and not to be the first to start vaccinating people, writes Reuters.

“It can be dangerous to start vaccinating millions, if not billions, too soon, because it could cause people to change their minds about accepting the vaccine if it doesn’t work. I am very skeptical about what is happening in Russia, “said German Health Minister Jens Spahn.

Americans respond after Russians say they have COVID-19 vaccine: one company will produce one billion doses next year

Johnson & Johnson (J&J), the American pharmaceutical giant, announces that it could produce 1 billion doses of its potential Covid-19 vaccine, if it proves to be a success, according to Reuters.
In June, J&J began a human clinical trial to test the safety of the vaccine, after a study in monkeys showed that it provided strong protection in a single dose.

Modern Americans are proposing to transform the human body into a vaccine-producing machine

The coronavirus vaccines developed by the American company Moderna and its German rival, BioNTech, aim to immunize people in a radically different way: by using human cells as small vaccine factories themselves. Instead of viral proteins, vaccines contain genetic instructions that require the body to produce them. These instructions are transmitted through messenger RNA, an RNA molecule whose role is to copy the genetic information of a DNA strand, writes Bloomberg.
The great advantages of RNA vaccines are speed and flexibility. There is no need for living cells, which are pretentious, or viruses that are difficult to handle, and the basic chemistry is simple. The Moderna vaccine reached the first phase of human testing on March 16, just 63 days after the vaccine began to be developed. And on July 27, the first volunteer of the 30,000 people involved in the final stage of the study conducted in the USA was injected. Less than 12 hours later, BioNTech and its partner, Pfizer, said they had also begun advanced testing, a study to be conducted in the United States, Brazil and several other countries.

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