Coronavirus: Poros Model and 112 in Paros, Hydra, Spetses – Horizontal meters from Monday


New measures for the coronavirus will be announced at 15:30 by Nikos Hardalias

Determined to take strict measures to stop his raid coronavirus in the country is the government. In the morning video conference decided order meters, to be announced later in the day by Nikos Hardalia and relate to local lockdown, in his model Resource, while in several areas a ceiling is placed on schedule operation of restaurants and nightclubs. It will also be activated for these areas 112 so that messages are sent with recommendations for self-protection and avoidance of overcrowding.

According to what he broadcast on Open TV by Spyros Mourelatos, new horizontal measures are expected from next Monday, as August proves to be the worst month since the onset of the pandemic, in terms of cases of coronavirus.

In this context, the extension of the Poros model measures that will be announced during the day, by Nikos Hardalias, to at least three more islands is expected. According to information in Spetses, Paros and Antiparos, but also in Hydra will enter ceiling for 50 people at any kind of gathering, party, concert.

The news of new measures was essentially confirmed by the Prime Minister himself during the morning teleconference on the coronavirus at the Maximos Palace. “Nikos Hardalias will announce a series of measures”, said Kyriakos Mitsostakis, making his own appeal to the young people to be especially careful and to protect both themselves and their relatives.

“I want to make a special appeal to our young people, to the young children. I also have children at this age, 17, 23 and 22, I know the carelessness of age. But, please, appeal: Be careful, take care of yourself, you are not invulnerable, and especially those who are not invulnerable are your parents and grandparents “.


Coronavirus: Anxiety about the escape of the 15th of August – The cases were launched

Coronavirus: Anxiety about the escape of the 15th of August – The cases were launched

Tountas: Over 60,000 cases of coronavirus

Finding that around us there are 10,000 of our fellow citizens who broadcast the coronavirus, did the professor of Social and Preventive Medicine at ΕΚΠΑ, Giannis Tountas. This number follows from the international estimate that the actual cases are 10 times more from what the tests show.

«At least 60,000 of our fellow citizens have been infected. “There are more than 10,000 active cases,” he told SKAI. “We have entered a second wave, which may be worse than the first,” he said. As he said there will be an outbreak of cases in August, so we must adhere to the existing measures and take new measures such as local lockdown where needed.

«The virus is everywhere. We must act as if we are in danger of becoming infected at any time. We must implement the existing measures as well as possible. ”

However, he appreciated that from September we are likely to see an improvement in epidemiological data. He said of the schools: “If the indicators get worse, the schools should not be opened”.

August 5: Coronavirus test in the ports of Piraeus, Rafina

The big wave of flight of its excursionists August 15th is in progress and ports Piraeus and Ραφήνας are full of tourists and travelers. At the risk of spreading coronavirus to lurk, because of the synchronicity, was given order for immediate epidemiological sampling στα ports of Piraeus and Rafina for those entering Region travelers.

Especially scales of Coordination Center of the Attica Regionς και του Medical Association of Athens, which have been conducting sampling tests for Covid-19 in Attica for three months now (more than 3 thousand tests have been performed) will be located from Sunday morning until sunset in the ports of Piraeus and Rafina for epidemiological sampling to travelers.

Kilometer queues in Kakavia – Concern about fake tests

The traffic is increased at the Kakavia border station, as from Sunday they will now be able -according to the new measures to reduce the spread of the coronavirus- up to 750 people a day to enter Greek territory, and will be placed in seven-day home isolation.

According to information, in neighboring Albania there is a circuit of issuing negative results of molecular tests that from next Monday will be necessary for entry into Greece from the land border.


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