COVID-19 – Channel 5 was found in a pensioner from China for the second time


A resident of the Chinese province of Hubei, who was infected with COVID-19 six months ago, again received a positive test for coronavirus. Reports about it XinxuaNet.

The first time the virus was found in a pensioner from the city of Jingzhou on February 8. Within a few months of treatment, the patient recovered.

However, on August 9, it became known about the woman’s re-hospitalization due to complaints of ill health. The test result for COVID-19 was positive.

Now the pensioner is in treatment in isolation. All persons with whom the infected person came into contact also passed tests for coronavirus. It is noted that the test results were all negative.

As previously reported by 5.UA, some patients who have recovered from COVID-19 are re-detected virus. At the same time, these patients are probably no longer contagious


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