COVID-19 inspection at Istanbul Airport | Agenda news


“Coronavirus Inspections” sent by the Ministry of Interior to the governorships circular Inspections were carried out in taxis, private vehicles and mosques at Istanbul Airport.

During the inspections carried out by the Arnavutköy District Gendarmerie Command teams at Istanbul Airport, some taxis, passenger services and private vehicles at the VIP intersection were stopped.

The teams checked the rules of obeying the hygiene rules, wearing masks, and keeping disinfectant materials in the vehicle. Gendarmerie teams warned the drivers about airing the interior of the vehicles by disinfecting the places such as door handles that each customer came into contact with after the journey and choosing contactless payment methods.

The teams also inspected the coronavirus measures in private vehicles belonging to passengers and their relatives, and made examinations with the help of detector dogs in terms of airport security.

Gendarmerie teams then conducted an inspection at the Istanbul Airport Mosque. The teams informed citizens who came for Friday prayers to have disposable prayer rugs, to comply with social distance, hygiene and mask rules.

Source: AA


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