Covid-19 insurance from SunExpress –


SunExpress, Sun Insurance in cooperation with coronavirus secured for a holiday experience of living trust offers visitors coming to Turkey Covidien-19 Tourist Protection and Assistance Insurance.

National and international authorities with the close cooperation of all the passengers and flight crew healthy and necessary for safe travel precautions space SunExpress, Europe’s most secure one of the tourism destinations to travel to Turkey and where to live a travel experience that they feel safe for those guests who want to vacation announced that it started to offer coronavirus covered assurance options in cooperation with Güneş Sigorta.

SunExpress will travel to Turkey from abroad guests, choosing the language of that book flights when they are offered insurance alternatives that may be having health insurance cover against coronaviruses.

This product people traveling to Turkey with a definite diagnosis of diseases of the Covidien-19 because of the case be treated in hospital for the duration of hospitalization where treatment costs will be under the sun insurance coverage.

guests who benefit from the services offered at advantageous prices, without additional medical expenses during their stay in Turkey can benefit from the best health care.

SunExpress guests can visit the airline’s website to learn more about this advantageous offer.

Both European holidaymakers to Turkey’s popular holiday destinations, both Turkish citizens living in Europe to their homeland and their loved ones who bring SunExpress offers direct scheduled flights to 29 cities in Europe and from 14 cities in Turkey.

Covid-19 measures from SunExpress

Advising the passengers to travel to the airport at least three hours before their flight due to the hygiene and social distance measures taken, SunExpress takes all necessary measures in cooperation with national and international health and aviation authorities for the healthy and safe travel of its guests and flight crews.

passengers traveling from Turkey to Germany, taken over the past 48 negatives Covidien-19 test should present just before the flight. Passengers who have not taken the Covid-19 test are not accepted to the flight as per the rules.

The airline, which obliges its passengers and flight crews to travel with a mask on all flights, has updated its in-cabin services in order to reduce contact.

SunExpress, which removed its in-flight services for flights that take less than two hours, organized its services to reduce contact on longer flights.

Announcing that no hand luggage will be accepted in the cabin except for laptops, handbags, briefcases and baby items, the airline also distributes disinfectant wipes to its passengers on all flights.

In addition to these, SunExpress aircraft regularly employ disinfection procedures proven by international authorities. All aircraft have a HEPA filtering system used in operating rooms, and these filters continuously clean the air in the aircraft every three minutes, with a success rate of 99.9 percent against all known viruses, including Coronavirus.

Within the scope of the ‘Hayat Eve Sığar’ project implemented by the Ministry of Health, the acceptance of Turkish citizens to domestic flights will be provided with the HES code.

Passengers found to be unfit for flight during HES code inquiries will not be accepted on SunExpress flights.


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