Efremov’s stroke was denied: Theater: Culture: Lenta.ru


Honored Artist of Russia Mikhail Efremov did not suffer a stroke. Information about such a diagnosis was denied by a Channel Five source on Friday, August 14.

It is noted that the artist has no cerebral circulation disorders. However, he remains in the Botkin hospital in Moscow. The artist is expected to stay at the facility over the weekend.

Previous source named a new reason for Efremov’s hospitalization. According to the agency’s interlocutor, the artist had vascular stenosis, which could have been caused by alcohol abuse. It was noted that Efremov’s condition is assessed as moderate.

The actor was hospitalized on August 11 from the Presnensky court, where the case of a fatal accident involving Efremov was to take place. Before the court to the artist got sick: bailiffs carried him into the hall. It was reported that doctors diagnosed him with a stroke.


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