Employees put to reuse disposable equipment in a COVID outbreak


The home for the elderly in Craiova is an outbreak of coronavirus infection. According to the Dolj Public Health Directorate, in the last three weeks no less than 126 people with Covid-19, and an old man died. Under these conditions, employees make shocking testimonies: they had to wash disposable gloves and masks.

“The moment you see them: Ma’am, I can’t! I am dying! It hurts your soul that you can’t do anything for them “, says Cristina Giurescu, former nurse.

The medical staff has reached its peak. Initially, 24 infected people were confirmed on July 27. The number of people confirmed with COVID-19 from the Home for the Elderly has meanwhile reached 126. Some of the employees have given up and resigned. I say no action was taken in time.

– We are isolated here for 14 days to stay with positively infected elderly people. Due to the lack of staff, because the girls got sick and went to the hospital, says Cristian Giurescu.

– What equipment did they give you?

– Disposable, we were told to try to reuse it and use as few gloves as possible, visor, a disposable mask.

– How long did you use it?

– All day. Like gloves 2-3 pairs a day. Disposable equipment at one time girls were asked to disinfect them, to dry them, to reuse them., says Cristina.

“Do the old men have a mask?”

“There is no such thing for them.” (…) There are people who were positively sent back from the hospital and died here.

“Why was it kept so big a secret?”

– It was said that the DSP decided so. Initially, it was said that there would be a quarantine of 7 days for the staff to stay here, and after that, positive girls came out and said to stay for 14 days, because it is the lack of staff, says the former nurse.

The Doj Public Health Directorate defends itself and claims that all the necessary measures have been taken.

“All the measures that can be taken at a residential home have been taken by epidemiologists, doctors who have over 30 years of experience in this field. When the emergency disappeared, the staff was not quarantined for 14 days. The staff coming from outside, were able to bring this virus into the home “, says Iuliana Manea, representative of DSP Dolj.

“We have requested an on-site inspection to identify what measures have been taken and why the number of infections has increased so rapidly recently. A large number of infected people emerged “, said Nicușor Roșca, the prefect of Dolj.

Covid-19 positive care staff was isolated for clinical, paraclinical evaluation and treatment at the Victor Babeş Clinical Hospital for Infectious Diseases in Craiova.

Web editing: Luana Păvălucă


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