‘GGD Rotterdam warned ministry for problems with contact investigation’ | NOW


The Ministry of Public Health (VWS) was already warned by GGD Rotterdam-Rijnmond on 23 July about problems with the source and contact investigation. This has not been acted upon, writes NRC Friday based on a memo. Due to capacity problems, the GGDs in Rotterdam and Amsterdam had to carry out the investigation last week scale down.

In the memo, GGD Rotterdam-Rijnmond stated that the number of infections increased at such a rate that source and contact investigations could no longer be carried out according to “national standards”. According to the GGD, inadequate contact investigations can endanger the containment phase of the corona virus.

The Ministry of Health states in a response that the passage about the capacity problems in a memo was for background information. “The passage about the source and contact investigation did not lead to further action at that time,” said the spokesman.

Minister of Health Hugo de Jonge reported in the House of Representatives that he was only recently told that the source and contact investigation was under pressure. GGD director Sjaak de Gouw had already made it clear that there had to be scaling up nationally.

“We can only train three hundred people a week. If the number of infections continues to rise exponentially, these lines will cross at some point. That seems to have happened in Amsterdam,” De Gouw said earlier in conversation with NU.nl.

Director Nicolette Rigter of the GGD in Utrecht also states that source and contact research will be more intensive. “Sometimes it is twelve hours per person, because the person has been in contact with more than a hundred others,” she said during a briefing of the Lower House.


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