Halyna Slichna told about the situation with the incidence of COVID-19, testing and work of mobile teams


An online meeting of the staff and the board with deputies took place in the City Hall today. Halyna Slichna, Deputy Mayor and Head of the COVID-19 Counteraction Headquarters, spoke about the situation with coronavirus incidence, PCR and ELISA testing, and the work of mobile teams at medical facilities.

Thus, during the quarantine period, a total of 75,818 PCR tests for coronavirus were performed. 11658 of them were positive (5569 of them are residents of Lviv). During the last month, about 50% of PCR tests come from private clinics.

A total of 3,157 people recovered from the coronavirus, which is 28% of the total number of patients. Unfortunately, there are 318 fatal cases (145 of them are residents of Lviv).

As of now, 1,339 patients are being treated in hospitals in the Lviv region. In Lviv, 266 patients are being treated in city institutions, 21 of them in intensive care, 9 in ventilators.

“During the quarantine period, the 8th hospital treated 911 patients, 76 more patients are being treated. The 1st hospital treated 676 patients, now there are 69 patients on treatment. The ambulance hospital treated 345 patients, there are 121 patients on treatment. 1529 women with SARS were treated in the maternity hospital, 9 of whom had positive PCR. There are currently 62 patients in the 5th hospital, where we accept patients with pneumonia, ”said Halyna Slichna.

According to the official, the city conducted a total of 20,263 ELISA tests for coronavirus, a positive result was 14% of those tested. Most medical workers were protested – 80% of the total number of tested. Patients and contact persons (those who came into contact with patients) were also tested.

By the way, 434 medical workers in Lviv became ill with the coronavirus, but 365 of them have already recovered. Another 68 are still ill (54 people in outpatient treatment, 14 people in hospitals). Unfortunately, 1 medical worker died.

There are also special mobile teams at medical institutions in Lviv, which made 110 monitoring visits. “Mobile teams have been set up at all medical institutions – there are 88 of them, which check the observance of self-isolation every day. These teams conducted 110 monitoring visits. There are 547 people in self-isolation, ”added Halyna Slichna, deputy mayor and head of the city’s COVID-19 counter.


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