“In Corfu, a British tourist learned after four days that he has coronavirus”


According to a report by the Mirror, although according to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the results of the tests should be announced 24 hours later, the Briton learned that he is positive after 4 days.

More specifically, the site of the British newspaper states, among other things, that “a British vacationer tested positive for the coronavirus in a hotel in Greece. The Briton was checked at Corfu airport, when his flight landed on Monday, August 3, as part of the sampling checks that are being carried out.

According to the Foreign Ministry, the test results are expected to be available within 24 hours.

However, the positive result of the British examination did not return until four days later on Friday, August 7.

The holidaymaker (who is not asymptomatic) and his company were isolated in their rooms and then taken to a quarantine hotel to stay there for 14 days.

The fact that the tourist in question came out positive was confirmed in the newspaper by the management of the hotel where he was staying.

SOURCE: mirror.co.uk


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