In the Kiev region per day – 52 cases of COVID-19


In the Kiev region, 52 cases of coronavirus disease were confirmed per day.

According to Ukrinform, this was reported by the press service of the Kiev Regional State Administration in Facebook.

“According to the Kiev Regional Laboratory Center, in the region on August 14, 2020 at 10:00, 4429 cases of coronavirus were officially confirmed. Including 386 children and 646 medical workers,” the statement said.

During the day, 52 new cases of coronavirus disease (COVID-19) were confirmed, including in 2 children 8 years old (Fastov city) and 17 years old (Belogorodka village, Kiev-Svyatoshinsky district) and 50 adults.

Of these, 3 patients are hospitalized and are on inpatient treatment, the remaining 49 people are on self-isolation (under supervision).

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Over the entire period of the epidemic, out of the total number of confirmed cases of COVID-19, 770 patients were hospitalized and were (were) in inpatient treatment, 3659 people were in self-isolation (under observation).

Only 3047 people recovered, of which 266 children aged 1 month. up to 17 years old. During the reporting day, 3 people were discharged, including 1 child (Vasilkovsky district – 3 (Kovalevka village).

During the period of the epidemic in Kiev region 76 patients with confirmed COVID-19 died.

Over the past day, four deaths were reported among patients with confirmed COVID-19 (two women died, 69 years old, a resident of the village of Motovilovki, Fastovsky district, and 61 years old, Zavalovka village, Makarovsky district, two men, 48 years old from the city of Fastov and 62 years old from the village of Makarov).

For the period from 03/14/2020, in total, the Kiev Regional Laboratory Center received 7,849 reports of suspected COVID-19. Over the past day, 61 reports of suspicion have been received.

Medical supervision was established for 14,088 contact persons.

As reported, as of August 14, 87,872 cases of COVID-19 were laboratory confirmed in Ukraine, of which 1,732 per day.


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