In Voronezh, another woman with COVID-19 gave birth to a healthy baby in the “red zone”


Another woman with confirmed coronavirus gave birth to a healthy child in the “red zone” of the Voronezh Regional Clinical Hospital No. 1. This was reported by the press service of the regional health department on Friday, August 14. Doctors took delivery in protective suits.

Before testing positive for COVID-19, the woman was observed at the perinatal center and prepared for a natural birth. However, due to the infection, she had a caesarean section.

A healthy boy was born. The kid was immediately sent to the regional children’s hospital No. 2 for further observation. There the baby was isolated in a separate box. In the near future, he will undergo diagnostic tests, including the child will be tested for coronavirus.

Mother will meet with baby after testing negative for COVID-19.

– All women with COVID-19 are indicated for a cesarean section to rule out breathing problems that can occur during natural childbirth. It is also important to remove the baby surgically, because when passing through the birth canal, the baby, being initially healthy, runs the risk of infection from the mother. To ensure maximum protection, the child is placed in an incubator immediately after birth and transported to a children’s hospital, the regional health department explained.

According to doctors, this is the fourth woman with COVID-19 who gave birth to a healthy child. The first two became known in May, the third – in August.

During the pandemic, 40 pregnant women were cured of the coronavirus in the infectious building of the Regional Clinical Hospital No. 1. Performed seven operations: six deliveries and one laparoscopy for acute gynecological pathology. The patients were assisted by obstetricians-gynecologists, anesthesiologists-resuscitators, neonatologists, midwives and nurses.


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