Karlovy Vary Hospital acquired devices for combating coronavirus


Updates: 14.08.2020 12:44

Karlovy Vary – The Karlovy Vary Regional Hospital (KKN) has purchased strategic equipment for the examination of patients with coronavirus and other lung infections. The new mobile X-ray and bodyplethysmograph cost almost four million crowns. The devices were purchased by the hospital with the help of the Karlovy Vary Region in an accelerated emergency procedure, the chairwoman of the KKN board of directors Jitka Samáková told ČTK.

“These are devices that will be useful in diagnosing people who suspect covid-19 and have more severe symptoms. A mobile X-ray is a device that can reach the patient and is able to take a picture of the patient’s lungs in a matter of seconds. , “said regional councilor Jan Bureš (ODS). The mobile X-ray will be placed permanently in the anesthesiology and resuscitation department.

The second device purchased is a body plethysmograph. The new device will replace the original, 18-year-old, which no longer met current requirements. It is used to determine total lung capacity as well as to determine airway resistance and volume and to evaluate airway inflammation in patients with respiratory problems.

At the time of the coronavirus epidemic, serious patients who required intensive care were concentrated in the Karlovy Vary hospital. According to Samáková, this meant a jump in costs for the hospital by more than 24 million crowns. The region mainly helps with the hospital’s finances. For example, she has already purchased a bronchoscopic tower for a more gentle examination of the airways or six new lung ventilators.

At present, the hospital in Karlovy Vary and Cheb does not have any patients infected with coronavirus. The collection site is now located outside the hospital, previously, when there was a minimum of infection, sampling was done directly at the hospital. The hospital has enough staff for collection. The number of subscriptions is around 50 per day. The hospital is now equipped with protective equipment for about two months, but it is replenished on an ongoing basis.

The hospital management also wants to acquire magnetic resonance imaging and computed tomography (CT) equipment in the future, because current devices are on the verge of life. However, the purchase of these devices depends on the money that the hospital has yet to raise.

According to the Regional Hygiene Station (KHS), there are currently 22 infected in the region. So far, 500 people have been infected there, of which 439 have already been cured and 39 have died.

Karlovy Vary Coronavirus Hospital


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