Live blog: Discussions about who can go to school in September, Paris turns red after a sharp increase in infections


Everyone in the world of education agrees that physical lessons are far preferable to distance learning.

“We will formulate a lot of questions during the consultation with the minister. We want to look at the evolutions during the summer holidays, the application of the color codes, and how to deal with local lockdown measures”, says Mariane Coopman, general secretary of the Christian Teachers’ Union. (COV).

“The main objective of the consultation is to establish a structural methodology about which color code is applicable when (and where) and by whom this is decided”, says Marnix Heyndrickx of VSOA Education. “This structural method is necessary to guarantee the educational field the necessary stability with a view to the practical organization within each school and institution, throughout the entire school year.”

“The plans have been finalized based on the virological insights that were available at the end of June,” says Nancy Libert of Acod-Education. “We have to look at the consultation to see what additional insights there are and see whether the scripts should not be adjusted on certain points with, for example, stricter rules regarding mouth masks in secondary education.”

“As an educational umbrella organization, we will argue in the consultation to allow teachers and pupils to start at school as much as possible, of course in safe conditions, but the schools have a lot of experience with this since last school year”, says Patriek Delbaere, director of OVSG (Education Association of Cities and Municipalities). “We are going to draw specific attention to the practical lessons for TSO, BSO students (T stands for Technical, B for Vocational Education, ed.), For special education and for the transition years (for example the transition from primary to secondary). Also the academies and adult education must be able to restart safely. Our boards and management require clear and unambiguous communication, so that they can prepare for their school year and communicate about this with their staff, students and parents. ”


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