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Protesters at Grodno Azot. Photo: Radio Svoboda At a working meeting, President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko commented on the protests that had begun at enterprises. “To begin with, I am still alive and not abroad, as some of our respected svyadomyya are promoting: the president has left the country and is abroad. Today is the 14th, we are meeting to discuss the work of the construction industry, ”BelTA quotes Lukashenka.

By data Belsata on the morning of August 14, protests seized more than 25 enterprises.

The head of state spoke about the possible consequences of the strikes using specific examples. In the case of Belaruskali, if this normally operating enterprise is stopped for several days, it will play into the hands of the main competitors in Russia and Canada. “If they go on strike for two days, the competitors – Russians and Canadians – will cross themselves. And they will quickly put on the market what they want to deliver, ”said Alexander Lukashenko. The same applies to the work of machine-building enterprises such as MTZ, MAZ and others. “For God’s sake. You won’t produce 10 tractors today, you won’t put them on the market, tomorrow the Germans will come with the Americans, the Russians will bring their equipment. They will also cross themselves, ”the president noted.

He stressed that the world’s economy is just beginning to revive after the restrictions associated with the pandemic. “And everyone is fighting for these markets. If we stop, we will never get our production going. Never! They will push us into this swamp. People need to explain this: if you want – go on strike, if you want to work – work ”.

“As I was told, there was only one example at MAZ or MTZ: there 20 people decided to express their opinion, quit their job and went. The head of production says: well, go guys, I have enough people, all this salary of these people. We turned around and went back to work, ”the head of state noted.

“People must be told that this is their only chance to save the enterprise. Saving the enterprise, you will feed your family. You can walk outside. There are thousands of them. You can join, be like. But if they give money there, then for two days. Some are paid extra there. We know them, we showed them. Well, they will give it for two days. And what’s next?” – noted Alexander Lukashenko.

“From such a position it is necessary to approach people, including in the construction industry. Because builders are an advanced, militant people. But they need to open their eyes, what will happen next. Our builders were constantly in the swamp. We pulled them out, for the umpteenth time, by the ears. Orders have appeared, work has appeared, production has increased – work, ”the president summed up.



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