Lukashenka: I’m still alive and not abroad


President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko said at a meeting on the work of the construction industry that he is in the country, reports BelTA… Earlier, the media reported that his plane had left the country. There have been speculations that Mr. Lukashenko has left the country amid protests.

“For a start, I am still alive and not abroad, as some of our respected” svyadomyya “are promoting: the president has left the country and is abroad. Today is the 14th, we are meeting in order to discuss the work of the construction industry, ”said Alexander Lukashenko.

He also said that workers’ strikes could negatively affect the future work of enterprises, for example, Belaruskali. “If they go on strike for two days, the competitors – Russians and Canadians – will cross themselves. And they will quickly put on the market what they want to deliver, ”the president said.

Alexander Lukashenko stressed that “labor collectives are the basis of the country,” however, “if a person does not want to work, we will not drag him to the lasso.” However, he claims that some of the protesters are paid money.

“People must be told that this is their only chance to save the enterprise. Saving the enterprise, you will feed your family. You can walk outside. There are thousands of them. You can join, be like. But if they give money there, then for two days. Some are paid extra there. We know them, we showed them. Well, they will give it for two days. And what’s next?” – said Mr. Lukashenko.

In Belarus, since August 9, presidential elections have been held, the winner of which was declared the current head of state, Alexander Lukashenko. His main competitor Svetlana Tikhanovskaya got the second place. There are protests in the country every day, 6.7 thousand people are detained. At the rallies, the security forces used force against their participants. This has caused concern in some countries, including the EU and the US.

About how in the West they are discussing punishment for Belarus – in the material of “Kommersant” “Luka trouble began.”


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