Neighboring Belarus, Poland, Slovakia, Hungary


The neighboring countries of Ukraine, with the exception of Romania, Moldova and the Russian Federation, entered the green zone for the spread of COVID-19, according to data posted on the website of the Ministry of Health as of August 14.

The “red” zone includes countries with an incidence rate per 100 thousand people over the past 14 days higher than in Ukraine (45.6). In total – 70 countries.

The “red” zone still includes the neighboring countries – Romania (incidence 87.3 per 100 thousand), Moldova (117.5 per 100 thousand) and the Russian Federation (incidence 50.5 per 100 thousand).

In addition, among the countries of the “red” zone – Belgium, USA, Israel, Spain, India.

Germany, Bulgaria, France and Greece entered the green zone. The countries of the “green” zone also include, in particular, Sweden, Great Britain, Slovenia, Turkey, Egypt, Italy, Georgia, Finland and Switzerland.

Of Ukraine’s closest neighbors, the green zone includes Belarus (16.8 per 100 thousand), Poland (24.4 per 100 thousand), Slovakia (8.2 per 100 thousand), Hungary (2.9 per 100 thousand). thousand).


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