Never told: ‘Because of the corona virus I finally live quietly’


Of course, Carla (51) is sorry that the economy is being hit by the corona virus. But the fact that she has no aircraft nuisance this summer is priceless for her.

“My two sisters have been seriously affected by the corona crisis. One has a restaurant on the verge of bankruptcy. The other, with a dance school, also had a hard time. I feel sorry for them, as well as all the people for whom 2020 will be catastrophic. That is why I will never say out loud that I am secretly very grateful for corona. Because the crisis has brought a lot of peace to me. ”

Hell of noise

“I’ve lived in our capital all my life. At the beginning of 2018, my husband and I decided to leave the busy center. I was the one who found our current home on the outskirts of the city. We were sold at the viewing. It was twice the size of our old apartment and had a lovely garden. We loved the quiet, green surroundings. ”

“On a bright Sunday, we hadn’t lived there for a week, suddenly a plane flew very low over our house. That made a hell of a noise. I didn’t know what was happening to me. When another followed after a few minutes, my husband and I walked into the garden. There we heard him even louder. We could barely understand each other. What was this? ”

Aircraft nuisance

“Of course we knew we lived close to Schiphol. That’s all of Amsterdam, isn’t it? But what we hadn’t known up to that point was that the planes took off right over our new home in a northerly wind. And thus caused considerable inconvenience. That same afternoon we rang the doorbell of people from the neighborhood. Those planes, like today, so loud: did that happen often? Yes, unfortunately, we were told. Especially in the spring and in the evening. “You get used to it,” said a neighbor comfortingly, about the plane nuisance.

I could cry when we walked back home. My husband was more sober. “So many people live here, we probably won’t hear it anymore,” he said. Yes, maybe he. But I am highly sensitive. And work from home. I was just so happy with the peace here. So this was a terrible downer. ”

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“Still I thought: it will be better than expected. Maybe it was extra bad that day? But it was not easy at all. In winter there was still little northerly wind, but from March onwards it started to increase more and more. In the beautiful months of the spring of 2018 it was almost continuously hit. Day in, day out, we heard that deafening noise above our house. It started at seven in the morning. My husband slept through it, I woke up immediately and then lay in bed with palpitations. I felt furious, and so sad. Because how happy I had been with this house. I was so proud of it.

Even my sisters, who are sometimes a bit condescending because in many ways they’ve gotten ahead of me, were stunned. And now it turned out that we had bought a cat in a poke. At least that’s how I saw it. And I was ashamed of that too. How could we not have known this in advance? It felt like an embarrassment. “


“While everyone enjoyed a wonderful summer, I shed a lot of tears. No matter how beautiful our garden was, how many flowers there were: there were countless days when in my opinion it was impossible to bear. I called drowsily to the Residents’ Contact Point Schiphol (BAS), although they couldn’t do anything for me either. But they were compassionate; more than my husband.

After several arguments, my frustration with him just kept to me. In the meantime I made many appointments outside the house. I was on the weather app day and night to keep an eye on the wind forecasts. I spent hours surfing Funda, looking for another house. But how could I get my husband to do this? There were times when it was so important to me that I almost thought I would be willing to divorce. ”

Not upset

“I even cycled to the conscious runway at Schiphol, where all our nuisance came from. I was seriously looking at the gate to see if I could slip past it to molest something. Of course I never would have. But I was far gone. Fortunately, the winter brought a lot of westerly wind and peace. And the following summer – thank god much less northerly wind, it turned out that the neighbors were right after all: I got used to everything, I was no longer as upset about the noise nuisance as before. Yet last March I was already tense for this summer. ”

Enjoy to the full

“But then came corona. And how was it possible: all air traffic came to a standstill. I couldn’t have come up with this even in my wildest dreams. Every beautiful spring day, and there were so many, I could sit undisturbed in the garden. Enjoy reading in the hammock. My delightful garden became a haven for city friends who fell in love with three-high-back. Whatever the wind, it was still and calm. My obsession with the weather app was over. With the eternal earplugs on my bedside table. Even my husband had to admit that this rest was nice. And I? I’ve had the spring of my life.

And even now that more planes are flying again, there is still no inconvenience. I just don’t have the words to explain what that means to me. I hope it will be a long, long time before Schiphol will return to normal power. And we’ll be out of here by then. Because especially now that I know how nice it is to live so peacefully, I can never go back to the old situation. But for now I’m enjoying this blissful house that will be just as nice this summer as I hoped when we bought it. ”

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