OKD resumes coal mining after a six-week shutdown due to coronavirus


Since July 3, when OKD stopped mining on all its shafts due to the high number of infected miners at the ČSM-Sever and ČSM-Jih mines, only the necessary numbers of employees have been working to ensure safety underground. That has changed now.

“As of Friday, August 14, the OKD mines will be fully operational. In the afternoon, coal will start to be mined at the Darkov Mine, ČSA and ČSM. After a six-week interruption of mining, coal will return to the surface from the mines again, “said OKD spokeswoman Naďa Chattová.

Even today, about 900 miners should be working on individual OKD shafts. The company currently mines the ČSM-Sever and ČSM-Jih, ČSA and Darkov mines.

“We managed to successfully resume mining in four active face pits, as well as equipping another four face pits, where mining will gradually begin during this year, and the excavation of mine workings, which are preparing another five face plows for 2021,” described OKD operations director David Hájek .

“Two of these openings were to be mined this year, but due to the interruption of their operation, their preparation was delayed and their start is postponed to 2021. Work on maintenance, recovery and looting of mine workings, which are very necessary for the operation of the mine, was also resumed.” added Hájek.

Along with the interruption of mining, other activities related to mining also stopped at OKD. You, too, will now restart the company. “When a sufficient amount of coal is transported to the surface, both of our treatment plants will be fully operational,” added the operations director.

The company is preparing extensive preventive testing

In parallel with the resumption of mining, OKD also wants to focus on increased monitoring of employees in connection with coronavirus infection.

“From Monday, OKD will carry out preventive tests for covid-19, which the company has provided for its employees. First of all, we want to ensure the safety and health of employees and their families, at the same time this step will allow the resumption of operations after the interruption of mining without fear of uncontrollable spread of the virus, “explained a spokeswoman Chattová.

“Thanks to continuous preventive testing, we will be able to capture and isolate a potential new outbreak very quickly. Any positive results will, of course, be reported to the regional hygiene station, with which we will continue to work closely, ”added Vanda Staňková, Chairman of the Board of Directors of OKD.


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