Paris and Marseille “red zone” again for the coronavirus


Those who hoped a second wave of the pandemic would not come, or if it did, would happen in the autumn, were tragically disproved: on Friday morning, the French government declared Paris and Marseilles, as well as the surrounding area, “zones high risk of coronavirus infection, giving local authorities the power to impose restrictions to curb the spread of Covid-19.

The designation of these areas as high-risk areas, made by government decree, follows a sharp rise in coronavirus infections in France over the past two weeks.

On Thursday, France announced more than 2,500 new Covid-19 infections for the second day in a row – such levels were last recorded in mid-April, when the country was in the middle of one of the toughest lockdowns in Europe.

The government is giving local authorities in Paris and the Bush-du-Rh Ρne region the power to restrict the movement of people and vehicles, reduce access to public transport and air travel, restrict access to public buildings and close restaurants. , bars and other facilities.

A few days ago, Paris and Marseille made it mandatory to use a mask in busy public places.

On Thursday, Britain said it would impose a 14-day quarantine on all arrivals from France starting tomorrow, Saturday, due to rising pollution rates.

The Netherlands and four other countries were also added to this list of Britain, which already included Spain and Belgium.


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