Self-isolation for travelers from the Netherlands in Great Britain


Travelers from the Netherlands must be quarantined for two weeks from Saturday upon arrival in the United Kingdom. The British transport minister Grant Shapps has announced this. Travelers from France, Malta, Monaco and Aruba must also be self-insulated.

According to Minister Shapps, the decision was taken because the number of infections has increased significantly in these countries. Countries such as Spain and Belgium were already on the list of quarantine countries. “We have been working hard to bring down the number of infections here, so we cannot allow us to import cases from other countries.”

A spokesman for the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs says he has been informed of the British decision. “This means that Great Britain will receive a code orange as travel advice, because the Dutch have to be quarantined there.”

The travel advice for the United Kingdom will be adjusted when the quarantine obligation for Dutch travelers takes effect, on Saturday morning at 5:00 am.

With code orange, holiday travel is not recommended and it is urgent to go into quarantine for two weeks upon return. Anyone who travels to the United Kingdom will therefore have to be in self-isolation for a total of four weeks: first two weeks in the United Kingdom and then two weeks in the Netherlands when they return.

Hasty departure

Prime Minister Boris Johnson said on Thursday that Britain must be “ruthless”. “Even to our best friends and close partners. I think everyone understands.”

For the British, the restriction on travel to France is particularly hard: it is the second holiday destination after Spain. An estimated 500,000 Britons are still in the country. It is expected that many of them will leave France in a hurry, before the measure starts at 05:00 CET on Saturday.

In Great Britain, more than 300,000 people have been proven to have the virus. More than 41,000 Britons have died from it.


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