Strong potato exports from China thanks to COVID-19


The international market for horticultural products has been severely affected by the outbreak of the coronavirus at the beginning of 2020. The pandemic posed multiple challenges, including distribution problems, a shortage of labor and a drastically reduced consumer purchasing power. There were problems with sales for many horticultural products, which caused prices to fall. Many growers had to give up their harvest because the sales price was too far below the cost price. Marketing the crop would thus lead to a greater loss than simply leaving the crop in the ground. Growers have suffered significant losses as a result.

Although many horticultural products have achieved poor results as a result, the conditions for the export of Chinese potatoes have actually improved. Not only has the export price for Chinese potatoes improved year on year, but the volume of exports has also increased. Conditions for the potato market are much better than in previous years. There are several reasons for this trend. China has a good grip on the pandemic, the situation of which appears to be stable at the moment. At the same time, many other countries still have serious problems with the corona virus. For example, the situation in Pakistan and India is much worse, which has had significant consequences for potato exports from these countries. Foreign markets have therefore shifted their attention to China, which has opened up new commercial opportunities for Chinese potato growers.

“Our potatoes come from growing areas such as Shandong, Liaoning, Hebei, Inner Mongolia and Heilongjiang,” explains Bai from Dalian Nongchang International Trade. “The season starts each year in June and then continues until March the following year. We can supply potatoes almost all year round. We export our potatoes in shipping containers to Russia, South East Asia and the Middle East. Also export. we produce potato-based products to markets in South Korea, Europe and the US Our range of these products includes frozen potato wedges, baby potatoes and powdered mashed potatoes, ”says Bai.

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