The four positive tests from FCSB belong to the players! Who are the footballers detected with COVID-19


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Gigi Becali, the club’s owner, announced that the four positive tests belong to the players Toma Niga, Răzvan Udrea, Alexandru Pantea and Gabriel Simion, who were isolated from the rest of the team.

Four cases of COVID-19 at FCSB

Yes, there are four cases of coronavirus. All to the players. These are the children, Niga, Udrea, the one from Astra, Simion, and the 16-year-old boy, Pantea.

Now let the DSP take care of what I have to do, take them and take them to the hospital. They will be isolated from the team. We have to play, we have nothing to do.

Who has COVID-19 to go to the hospital, who is healthy to play football. What are we doing now? Are we scared of the virus? We have to play. These children are good, they stayed in the camp and they still took it“, Said Gigi Becali, for Digi Sport.

FCSB would play the first official match of the new season in just six days, with Astra, in the inaugural round of League 1.

The footballers and staff members of FCSB will be subjected to the series of tests for COVID-19 every two days, and depending on the results of the following tests and the recommendations received from DSP, a final decision will be made regarding the team’s program.

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