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Deputy Head of the Ministry of Health Oleg Salagay admitted that trust in medicines has been gained over the years. But he sees no reason to doubt the possibility of using the Russian vaccine against COVID-19

Photo: RDIF and the Gamaleya Center / TASS

There is no sensation in the results of the survey, which showed that most Russian doctors do not yet trust the domestic vaccine against coronavirus infection COVID-19. This was stated by the Deputy Head of the Ministry of Health Oleg Salagay.

“To be honest, I don’t see any sensation in the results of such a survey. Trust has to be earned over the years – that’s okay. ” wrote Salagay in his Telegram channel, recalling that the disputes among professionals about the effectiveness of some drugs have not stopped for decades.

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The Deputy Minister assured that the Ministry of Health will pay attention to information about the attitude of doctors to the new vaccine. At the same time, the official expressed confidence that the mistrust shown by some doctors does not mean that the drug cannot be used.

“Trust should not be confused with an objective assessment of effectiveness and safety. And the results of such an assessment today allow experts to draw a conclusion about the possibility of using the vaccine, “he explained.


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