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The first demand for the vaccine for Sputnik-V, which was registered as the first coronavirus vaccine in Russia, came from Vietnam.

According to the news of Vietnam state television (VTV), the Vietnamese Ministry of Health applied to Russia for a vaccine request. In the news, information about how many doses Vietnam has ordered and the delivery date of the order was not shared. Some experts say that the vaccine, which received approval in less than two months after it was started on humans, was rushed, so it might not be safe.

In the news, it was stated that the Vietnamese Ministry of Health will also continue the country’s vaccine development projects against COVID-19. In a statement made last week, the ministry announced that the country could make its own vaccine ready by the end of 2021.

Following a successful strategy in the fight against coronavirus with widespread testing, contact tracking and quarantine practices, Vietnam faces the danger of a second wave. On July 25, new cases were detected in Danang, one of the country’s popular tourism regions. The total number of coronavirus cases in Vietnam is 911.The number of people who lost their lives is 21.

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