What about swimming pools?


14-08-2020 12:24

The Public Health Directorate of Laconia points out the new terms

Writes Dimitris Panagos

LACONIA. Relaxing and relaxing in the pool of a hotel or other summer accommodation is for many of us an idyllic holiday image. What is the situation in the pools, especially now that we are in a time of vigilance?

As reported to notospress.gr by Mr. Vassilis Maniatakos, from the Department of Environmental Hygiene and Health Control of the Public Health Directorate, “The sanitary arrangement for the swimming pools of the tourist facilities dates back to 1973. However, it is very demanding and detailed, since it touches on issues of public health and safety. The additional conditions imposed due to the coronavirus came to strengthen an already strict legislation».

As an example we mention the increase of residual chlorine in pool water from 0.4mg / lt to 0.7mg / lt to 1.5mg / lt.

Another issue is the “perimeter fence” which refers to regulations that must be observed in the pool area, such as a specially designed rinsing area or a disinfectant carpet for the feet of bathers.

According to Mr. Maniatakos, “There is a great response and compliance in compliance with the measures. In the pool area there must be a personal presence of the Security Supervisor of the accommodation, as it is crucial to provide first aid in any adverse event».

In the pool is allowed 1 person per 5sq.m according to the new instructions.

In tourist facilities, mainly, the responsibility lies with the entrepreneur-owner. The checks are done at a regular pace and are sudden. Of course, checks follow even after any complaint. There is also an assessment of priorities, as large tourist units with high occupancy precede.

However, the customer-user of the pool is not without responsibilities. If he does not follow the precautionary instructions in force at the site, an administrative fine may be imposed on him as well.

«We do not rest“, Emphasizes Mr. Maniatakos in notospress.gr,”checks continue».

Note: Restrictions apply to all types of swimming pools, reservoirs, swimming pools, accessible to the general public, hotels and other tourist accommodation as well as public areas.


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