Where in Khmelnytsky can you test for COVID-19?


The number of COVID-19 infected is growing daily in Khmelnytsky and Ukraine. Every day more and more people take ELISA or PCR tests to find out if there is a virus or antibodies to it in the body.

But not all Khmelnytsky residents understand the difference between these two tests. ELISA-test reveals an immune response to the virus – the level of antibodies. Rapid tests also detect antibodies in the body in response to antigen, but have low sensitivity and specificity compared to ELISA-tests. PLR-study detects the virus, ie its genetic material.

Khmelnytsky medical institutions perform free coronavirus tests only for those who have symptoms of the virus (pneumonia) and referrals from a family doctor, contact persons on the 14th day of isolation, medical staff, law enforcement officers and servicemen. This was announced by Deputy Head of the Regional State Administration Roman Primush.

There are also paid tests for those who just want to know if they are infected. Such tests can be performed at the Khmelnytsky Regional Laboratory Center of the Ministry of Health, the laboratory of the Khmelnytsky Perinatal Center, the Khmelnytsky City Medical and Diagnostic Center and at the city hospital.

From August 8, paid research on the selection of biomaterial and determination of coronavirus COVID-19 will not be conducted. These studies will be carried out only for citizens who have the application “Action at home”.

Selection of biomaterial from the upper respiratory tract (nasopharyngeal and oropharyngeal swab) is carried out by qualified specialists of the State Institution “Khmelnytsky Regional Laboratory Center of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine” at: Khmelnytsky, street Khranovsky, 12 (selection time: from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. – Saturday, Sunday closed). The term of research is up to 48 hours.

The cost of a PCR test in the laboratory is 836 hryvnias + banking services.

Payment is made according to the invoice issued to you before the selection of biomaterial in the laboratory, after writing an application and signing a contract for the provision of medical services to citizens. It is possible to pay for the service in any banking institution, as well as to use Internet banking services (for example: “Privat-24”). The document confirming payment (for example: a scanned copy of the receipt, or a regular photocopy of the receipt) is sent via Internet messengers to the mobile phone number – (096) 6779017. Also, as an option, it is possible to present the original document (payment) directly, confirming payment before receiving the result form. If necessary (at the request of the customer), the protocol (the result of the laboratory test) is provided with the official seal of the institution and with a duplication of the research protocol in English.

Issuance of protocols (results) of the study takes place at: Khmelnytsky, street Pilipchuk, 55 (entrance from the yard).

Consultations for the category of persons who have connected the mobile application “Act at home” are provided by phone: (0382) 657764 from 9.00 to 17.00 Saturday, Sunday closed.

Consultations for all other categories of persons (tourist trips, work abroad, planned and unscheduled hospitalizations, contacts of the person with the patient COVID-19, etc.) are provided by phone: (0382) 763504.

PCR testing is also performed at the Khmelnytsky City Perinatal Center. The cost of the service is 584 hryvnias + banking services. It is advisable to come with a referral from a family doctor.

You need to pre-register for the procedure by calling (093) 500-11-17. The results are issued the next day after 15:00. Address: Khmelnytsky city, Hotovytskoho street, 6. Biomaterials are collected from Monday to Thursday from 8.00 to 10.00.

Khmelnytsky City Medical and Diagnostic Center on the basis of polyclinic №4 performs only ELISA test. Address: Molodizhna Street, 9. Work schedule from 8:00 to 19:00 from Monday to Friday. Reception center – (0382) 71-83-35, clinic registry – (0382) 67-00-15.

Khmelnytsky City Hospital performs only an ELISA test. Address: Proskurivsky Lane, 1… Phone: (0382) 79-40-96.

The cost of an ELISA test ranges from 160 to 200 hryvnias.

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