Transgenic mice will accelerate Covid-19 vaccine and drug studies


Transgenic mice provide a major contribution to drug and vaccine development studies, the Industry and Technology Minister Mustafa Varank the initiative was brought to Turkey. Ministers Varank, Twitter account, Kovid-19 needed in the scientific fight against the epidemic was announced that these mice have brought to the laboratory, so that the “TUBITAK Covidien-19 Turkey Platform” under execution vaccine and a step results in drug project had expressed that more approached.

Researching the potential of the Griffithsin molecule to inhibit / reduce the Covid-19 factor SARS-CoV-2 within the scope of the platform in question, Ankara University Biotechnology Institute Director Prof. Dr. Aykut Özkul gave information about the transgenic mice needed during the animal experiments of the projects.

Stating that the studies conducted under the platform are aimed at developing molecules that treat Covid-19 or preventive agents from this disease, Özkul said: “If you are working towards such goals, you need to question the effectiveness of the molecules you produce or develop. This question is in two successive steps. The first of these is called ‘in vitro’ systems, and this system is defined as cell culture for viral pathogens such as SARS-CoV2.After it has been determined that your molecule or agent has anti-virus potential in cells grown in the laboratory, the results can be adapted to humans. controlled trials are required in an animal species. ”

Özkul said that these creatures are defined as “animal models” and must show a similar disease and recovery process with humans.


Pointing out that one of the biggest problems in studies on Covid-19 disease is the subject of animal model, Özkul gave the following information:

“Studies have found that mice developed to carry the human ACE2 receptor show respiratory pathology similar to that of humans after SARS-CoV-2 infection. Therefore, it has been suggested that these animals may be used in relation to the disease. We have also obtained the results we have obtained in mice of different races so far. We would like to confirm in these animals. ”

Özkul pointed out that thanks to transgenic mice, the effects of products developed against Covid-19 can be seen in a more concrete way in an individual who has an immune system, can be affected by environmental factors, catch the virus in the environment and can spread the virus that multiplies in his body, “The results to be obtained from these studies will be made later. will be considered as very important findings for clinical trials. ” said.


Carrying out studies on Kovid-19 at Bilkent University National Nanotechnology Research Center (UNAM), Assoc. Dr. Urartu Şeker also stated that in order for transgenic mice to become an “animal model”, they must mimic the effects of the disease on humans.

Pointing out that animals are not infected with viruses like humans, Şeker made the following assessment: “In order to cure an infected person, the virus must infect the individual. There are receptors called ACE2 that the virus attaches to. The characteristic of transgenic mice used as animal models is that they can produce these receptors in large amounts. So the mouse can get infected and show signs of illness similar to humans. ”

Şeker explained that in drug studies, firstly mice were infected, then drugs were given, and animals were infected after vaccination was given to determine protection in vaccine studies.

Emphasizing that whether vaccines and drugs are effective or not can be tested in complex organisms thanks to transgenic mice, Şeker said, “If the animal is not infected, we do not know whether the vaccine or drug will work. Transgenic mice were necessary in this sense. Thanks to these mice, it will reflect more safe and scientifically more accurate results before starting phase studies. we will get data. ” used the expressions.



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