Gratifying progress in domestic COVID-19 vaccine study


Working on vaccine development for about 14 years in the USA and producing malaria, anthrax and rabies vaccines in the Department of Enzyme and Microbial Biotechnology at Akdeniz University Faculty of Agriculture, Department of Agricultural Biotechnology since 2014, Tarlan Mammedov, with a team of 20 people, has worked on COVID-19 about 4 months ago. He started vaccination studies against.

Mammedov said that they are conducting new generation vaccination studies on “Nicotiana Benthamiana”, which belongs to the tobacco plant family, which they specially produced in the laboratory.

Indicating that they use the plant expression system for the production of vaccines, antibodies and all kinds of proteins used for agricultural treatment, Mammedov explained that according to the system, they transferred the relevant vaccine genes to green plant leaf cells.

Mammedov emphasized that they purified the protein they produced in the plant against COVID-19.

“We have achieved successful results in animal testing”

Stating that they have developed two vaccine candidates in this direction, Tarlan Mammedov said:

“We have seen that the vaccine candidates we have produced provide specific immunity to COVID-19. We have achieved successful results in animal test studies. We have confirmed that vaccine candidates are recognized at a very high level by the plasma antibodies of COVID-19 patients. That is, the vaccine candidates’ proteins are active and working properly, therefore We saw that it provides immunity. In blood tests, we determined that we can immunize with a dose of vaccine. ”

“We can test vaccine candidates in humans”

Mammedov stated that according to the results of animal experiments, vaccine candidates can now be tested in humans.

Pointing out that their results are extremely successful, Mammedov said, “We believe that the vaccine candidates we produce will be a beautiful, safe and effective vaccine against all mutations. We can now test COVID-19 vaccine candidates in humans. Production and purification efficiency is high enough to enable the commercialization of antigens.” used the expressions.

Mammedov added that they submitted the study to the Vaccine Scientific Committee in a report and that they will send it to the Ministry of Health in a short time.


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