A coronavirus positive for an infant parent in a daycare center in Moschato


Monday 7 September 2020, 15:25

A parent of an infant was diagnosed with coronavirus at the 1st Nursery School of Moschato and now the operation of the infant department is stopped for 14 days, while for the same period the teachers of the department will be out of service.

Specifically, the parent informed the Municipal Organization of Preschool Education and Social Solidarity (DOPAKA) of the Municipality of Moschato-Tavros, on Monday morning that he was diagnosed positive for the virus.

The child today remained at home as a precaution, while he had arrived at the station on Thursday and Friday.

DOPAKA informed EODY and the secretary general Civil Protection and based on the health protocol takes the following preventive actions:

– The parents of the infants of the department were informed about the incident

– Interrupts the operation of the kindergarten section of the 1st Nursery School of Moschato for 14 days

– Proceeds to disinfect the premises

– Puts the teachers of the department out of service for 14 days.


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