AstraZeneca: sick tester back home, vaccine ready before the end of 2020 | Abroad


Despite the fact that testing with the drug has been halted due to medical problems with a test subject, said AstraZeneca’s CEO Pascal Soriot. A test subject who became ill has now returned home.

On Wednesday it was announced that the advanced trials in the United Kingdom with an experimental vaccine have been interrupted because of possible unwanted side effects in a subject. The person reportedly developed an inflammation of the spinal cord.

According to Soriot, it is not yet clear what exactly is going on and it must first be thoroughly investigated whether this is due to the vaccine before the tests are resumed. He could not say how long the interruption will last.

Phase 3

Several pharmaceutical companies are working on a possible vaccine to prevent infection with the corona virus. AstraZeneca and Oxford are currently the furthest in that development. They are in the so-called clinical test phase 3. That is the last step before regulators have to decide whether a product can be marketed. The Netherlands and other European countries have already reserved millions of doses with AstraZeneca.


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