3 important tips for businesses in the digital transformation process accelerating with Covid-19


Before Covid-19, many companies had a long-term digital transformation plan. However, the epidemic forced business leaders to implement their plans almost overnight, keeping their business running through quarantine and preparing to continue their operations in a new post-epidemic reality.

In this “new normal” process, it has become critical for businesses to find the right tools to maintain business continuity to ensure long-term operational resilience.

Emphasizing the importance of new digital solutions and modern analytics in the pandemic process Iron Mountain Vice President for Emerging Markets – Turkey & BAE General Manager Cenker Özhelvacı said, “Like all companies, we, as Iron Mountain, had to change the way we work and sought new ways to communicate with our customers remotely. digital transformation We expanded the solution suggestions we offer to support them in their processes. ”

Özhelvacı; He stated that the priorities of their customers in terms of digital transformation support after the pandemic are grouped in three critical areas, namely, secure data access for remote workforce, organization and operational continuity of offices according to the new normal order, and they are always by their side in the digital transformation journey of businesses by producing solutions in these areas.

1. Ensure secure data access for the remote workforce: During the pandemic process, businesses began to seek a long-term and permanent solution by re-evaluating their office and remote working processes. This means that remote workers have easy and secure access to the records and documents they need, minimizing the compliance or cyber security problems they may experience, and the IT departments need more work. In this process, it is of great importance that remote workers can easily access physical documents and secure the data on corporate devices.

2.Set your workplaces to the new normal: New regulations against Covid-19 require businesses to limit interaction at workplaces. This situation creates the need for businesses to rearrange their use of office space. In order for businesses to use their offices effectively, donate or safely dispose of materials or Information Technology equipment that are no longer needed, determining the records that need to be digitized by temporarily or permanently storing physical documents, as well as storing materials such as excess office equipment, consumables and furniture. they must pass.

3. Maintain operational continuity: Operational continuity and emergency response planning gain importance during the pandemic process. In the new normal process, it becomes more critical than ever to ensure that businesses are equipped to develop and maintain their workforce in a healthy way. Businesses need to take a more rigorous approach to risk management and this approach should be an integral part of their forward-looking strategies.

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Founded in 1951, Iron Mountain Incorporated (New York Stock Exchange: IRM) is a world leader in archives and information management services. Confidently preferred by more than 225,000 organizations around the world and with a real estate network of over 8.5 million m2 in more than 1,480 facilities in nearly 50 countries, Iron Mountain is a very valuable material, including critical information, sensitive data, cultural and historical artifacts. hides and protects assets. Providing solutions that include physical archive management, information management, digital transformation, secure destruction and data centers, cloud services, art storage and logistics, Iron Mountain helps businesses reduce costs and risks, comply with regulations, and provide a more digital working method. Since 2007, with a 70 percent market share in Turkey Iron Mountain operates in 7 plants, with over 200 employees and provides services to more than 1,400 businesses.



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