Coronavirus in Ukraine – the budget committee says there is money in the coronavirus fund


IN COVID-19 Foundation there should be no shortage of funds. The budget committee believes that the money, on the contrary, will remain. This was stated by the deputy chairman of this committee, people’s deputy from the Servant of the People faction, Alexander Trukhin, reports RBC Ukraine.

“As of today, all the programs for which the money was planned have been provided. And this applies not only to the” antique “fund, but all programs in the state budget,” he said.

Despite such words of Trukhin, the data of the Accounts Chamber indicate that the funds in the Fund are no longer enough for the implementation of three planned programs: additional payments to police officers, partial unemployment benefits and payments of benefits for the children of individual entrepreneurs.

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April 22 Cabinet approved the procedure for using money from the Coronavirus Fight Fund. So, money from the fund can be allocated by the decision of the Cabinet. Once such a decision has been taken, the manager of the funds concerned must agree with the parliamentary budget committee.

It was previously reported that the government has distributed all 66 billion UAH of funds from the Fund to Fight COVID-19, of which 16 billion were allocated for the health care system, 7 billion UAH – to finance the unemployment fund, 35 billion UAH – to repair roads.

UAH 16 billion was allocated for the health care system, in particular for providing physicians with personal protective equipment, for paying them increased wages, for purchasing the necessary equipment for hospitals, in particular for artificial respiration apparatus, as well as for the construction, reconstruction and repair of reception departments of basic health care institutions in hospital districts.

To finance the unemployment fund – about 7 billion, of which 2.7 billion were allocated for partial unemployment benefits. Another 1.2 billion was allocated by the Ministry of Social Policy for individual entrepreneurs who cannot work through quarantine and have children under the age of 10.

2.5 billion was allocated for additional payments to military personnel, police officers and relevant categories, which ensure the livelihoods of the population.

It is also reported that 35 billion will go to the reconstruction, repair and maintenance of highways.


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