Covid-19 hearth at a nursing home in Cluj. 49 people, tested positive


1,713 new cases of Covid-19 have been identified in the last 24 hours, during which time 49 people have died from the virus.

It is the largest number of diseases in Romania so far. One of the outbreaks is at a home in Dezmir, Cluj County, intended for the elderly.

42 of the elderly hospitalized here and seven employees were tested positive. Immediately, ambulances lined up at the asylum gate and people were taken, one by one, to the hospital. Their families were then notified, and authorities opened an epidemiological investigation.

The suspicion in that asylum initially targeted the employees. And after all the elders were tested, 42 of them received the diagnosis they feared. Worried, relatives arrived in front of the home to ask for news about their parents or grandparents.

Bogdan Pop has two grandparents hospitalized here, aged 88 and 95.

Bogdan Pop: “My mother called me and I ran away from work to see exactly what the situation was and what was happening and to find out information. No idea. One of the grandparents is already seven years old, she has Alzheimer’s, and everything was fine. No problems at all. But now, with that situation, I think he’s a little out of control. “

The sick are under the supervision of doctors, who pay special attention to them, taking into account their advanced age and other diseases they suffer from.

Mircea Abrudean, prefect of Cluj county: “The activity of the center has been suspended for disinfection, decontamination, and the residents who are medically stable will return to this center, where they will be isolated and quarantined, so as not to occupy spaces in hospitals. And those who are not in very good condition should be hospitalized “.

Another outbreak of Covid-19 was found in a furniture factory in Gherla, where 18 employees were tested positive. Immediately, the factory was closed.

Mircea Abrudean, prefect of Cluj county: “The factory in Gherla is closed, decontamination procedures are being performed. Direct contacts are currently quarantined. “

In Cluj County alone, 99 new cases of patients infected with Covid-19 were reported, twice as many as the previous day.


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