Map: Coronavirus continues to advance in West Flanders


Map: Coronavirus continues to advance in West Flanders

“Virus spreads faster again”

The number of COVID-19 infections is increasing towards the thousand infections per day. “That’s a lot. The virus is spreading faster again,” said Minister De Block in “De Oorning” on Radio 1. She points out that we can only do something about that curve by our own behavior. “Respecting hygiene measures, keeping your distance, wearing masks. That already does a lot.”

One solution as a policymaker could be to introduce stricter measures. However, the minister is not in favor of a new lockdown, without cultural or social life. It is more important to her to convince the people who are tired of the measures and do not follow them of the importance of those rules. “The measures that are now in place are sufficient to contain the virus, but they must be respected”, it says.

And in West Flanders?

You can see on the map below the most recent infection figures in our province. Since last week, Sciensano has been adding up the infections over a period of 14 days. For this they always took the figures of 7 days. That ensures that the figures are a lot higher anyway.

Below we use the same color code that is used to color countries in the EU: less than 20 infections per 100,000 inhabitants, we color green. Between 20 and 99 infections will turn orange and higher than 100 will be red or darker.

In Lo-Reninge 36 infections were diagnosed in the past 14 days. If we extrapolate that to 100,000 inhabitants, we get a score of 1,064. Also Alveringem (421), Heuvelland (240), Vleteren (246), Mesen (191) in Meulebeke (148) colors red.


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