They demand measures for the safe operation of the center Covid-19 – Heraklion



What does the Workers’ Struggle Committee of PEDY Heraklion state in its announcement

On the occasion of the opening of the covid-19 center in the Heraklion Municipality, in two shifts, the Workers’ Struggle Committee of PEDY Heraklion, wanted to point out the following:

  • Its function is to ensure the safety of patients, attendants and employees. Therefore, it is immediately necessary to staff with sufficient staff of all specialties (doctors, nurses, support staff, cleaners) to ensure the smooth operation of the center and to ensure the health of both employees and our fellow human beings who come to the KY . The corresponding recruitments should be made immediately and employees over 60 years old should not be used (vulnerable group until before the pandemic).
  • The appropriate protection measures (gloves-masks FFP2-antiseptics-reagents) should be sufficient to ensure the safety of all.
  • Corresponding infrastructure: a) change of clothes b) showers to ensure the hygiene of employees according to instructions from infectious disease specialists.
  • To provide a waiting area for the escorts that accompany the suspicious case, which will ensure their non-entry into the covid area but also their isolation from the rest of the Health Center. (Possible bodies as well)
  • There should be a separate area for suspected pediatric cases in both morning and afternoon shifts.
  • All employees should be periodically subjected to a test covid.
  • Permanent all contractors – no redundancies.
  • To give written and clear instructions to all employees on the operation of the unit and in the health, but also in the administrative part.

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