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The corona is climbing to new heights, the morbidity is spreading, the relationship between a person and his friend maintains a social distance, the economic corona is exploding inside us…

Our leaders talk about three components in reducing coronary heart disease:

  • Social distance
  • Wearing a mask
  • Personal protection

Another element that is within us

These are three components that, according to experts, are the ideal solution for dealing with the situation.
But according to the theory of behavior, and many others, it turns out that there is another element, an element that is within us that our leaders forget to mention.
And what is this ingredient?

Strengthening our body’s immune system

Stop interfering with the system

An ordinary person’s immune system is remarkably sophisticated and knows how to win tough battles. It is made up of a whole set of blood cell and hemoglobin antibodies that know how to win.

So dear friends, let’s stop interfering with our immune system functioning. She knows how to handle the corona with dignity. All in all, we should stop interfering with her protecting us.

Why is this happening to us?

Say, how is it that in the Corona period everyone washes their hands in almost military discipline?
And why a minute before the corona, the amount of handwashing aspired to zero?

And tell me why the heavy smokers continue to smoke, even though we all warn them to stop smoking because the cigarettes will kill them?
And what happens to them while they are lying in the intensive care unit, in the midst of a heart attack, and the doctor tells them the exact same sentence: “Stop smoking, the cigarettes will kill you!”

What happens overnight, when they suddenly stop smoking?
Why is this happening to us?
The reason is simple.

Behavioral Wisdom (Rani Kaushinsky)
Behavioral Wisdom (Rani Kaushinsky)

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder

There is a concept In the wisdom of behavior Called Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder.
The attention-blocking shutter closes on us naturally, just as they are trying to get us out of a place that is comfortable for us.
So how do you unlock an ADHD lock?

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Opening the attention channel manages to open when we wake up:
1. Immediate danger
2. Feeling of fear
3. feeling of pain

And what does the corona virus itself provide us? Danger Fear and pain

If we strengthen our immune system just a little…

To the extent that each of us will improve his or her private immune system, even by just an inch, if a simple calculation is made: one inch double millions of Israelis, the result will be a marked national improvement of a few miles. As the military law says “one for all and all for one”

Kaushinsky Chi - wide
Behavioral Wisdom (Rani Kaushinsky)
Behavioral Wisdom (Rani Kaushinsky)

So how do we strengthen the immune system?

We will focus on three simple tools:

The first tool: cleansing the mouth and throat

It is best to keep the oral cavity clean by gargling mint-flavored mouthwash. The oral cavity and throat, when clean, can prevent the onset of coronary heart disease.

The second tool: drinking water

In drinking water, miracles happen, as radio broadcaster Ivy Natan once said: “Drink only water.”
Water knows how to do the job and relax the body. It is advisable to drink water on an empty stomach. Give water importance and stop drinking cola and sugary drinks. Put the water in front of the stage.

The third tool: Vitamin C (as a dietary supplement)

Vitamin C treats corona well / Experts have published recent studies showing that vitamin C strengthens the immune system.

It is always possible and worthwhile to add a little sport, a little less to get upset and the list is still long…

Behavioral Wisdom (Rani Kaushinsky)
Behavioral Wisdom (Rani Kaushinsky)

Let’s sum up friends:
A millimeter of health endeavor, another inch of getting out of the comfort zone and we will start moving the gears at the exit of the corona mud.
Remember, when the danger is hovering, the attention channel is open to performance.

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Behavioral Wisdom (Rani Kaushinsky)
Behavioral Wisdom (Rani Kaushinsky)

Behavioral Wisdom

The “behavioral wisdom” method developed for dealing with today’s generation of glass screens teaches young people how to get along with their friends. It provides tools for improving attention and concentration, students get into fitness and learn self-defense.

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