Coronavirus: Ten-day margin for Attica and night traffic ban


Kyriakos Mitsotakis assured on Wednesday (here) that our economy will remain open and spoke of a “delicate balance” (between the protection of public health and economic activity) that will be maintained. But the question now – with the confirmed cases of coronavirus being counted in three hundred daily – what does this “fine balance” mean and where is it? Especially for the region of Attica where from Wednesday there are extraordinary restrictive measures to stop the spread of Covid-19 as it is considered the epicenter of the epidemic in our country (out of the 312 new cases announced by EODY on Wednesday, 174 concern the region capital).

It is characteristic that Nikos Sypsas, professor of Pathological Physiology of Infections EKPA and one of the most “strict” of the scientific committee that proposes the measures, said on Thursday morning that there is essentially a small time frame of 10-15 days for Attica to show improvement of the situation. Then we go to traffic restrictions as happened last spring. In fact, he deconstructed the occasional government assurances that there would be no lockdown again. “As far as desire is concerned, what we say ‘never say never’ applies.” Because I have that “there will never be a lockdown”… The answer is that if necessary there will be a lockdown “, he said characteristically speaking to ANT1.

And he continued: “If this situation continues with the epidemic, especially in Attica, then we will undoubtedly go to a lockdown. There is no doubt because the (last) measures will give you about a week – ten days to pay off. If they perform well… If they do not perform the next step is to restrict the movement of citizens “, said the professor, explaining, however, that the new lockdown will be short-lived, possibly a week, and probably local, ie it concerns only Attica, where the situation is not developing well.

However, the curfew is already on the table after midnight, in order to avoid the effects of overcrowding in the squares, especially by young people who after the closing of the nightclubs do not go home but continue their night outside.

They write “The News” in report by Martha Kaitanidis:

Attica is being led to a night “lockdown” with… plan B imposing a traffic ban from midnight (that is, when restaurants and bars roll down) until 7 in the morning, with the control mechanisms having their eyes on the squares where young people gather.

This is because the summer proved that the pandemic virus uses the youngest (who are usually asymptomatic or have mild symptoms) as “vehicles” to hit the most vulnerable citizens, resulting in a resurgence of cases and an increase in ICU admissions. .

Fatally, the escalation of measures in the next period does not seem (according to expert estimates) to be avoidable. This is because the dynamic circulation of the SARS-CoV-2 virus within the community leads to ominous predictions, even speaking of a four-digit number of daily cases.

Mr. Sypsas also said that “aAt the moment the upward trend of the epidemic is very strong and is evident from the number of intubations. “If we let this situation continue without taking drastic measures, we will probably be under a lot of pressure on the health system.”


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