Escaped schoolboy who was looking for in Yekaterinburg told where he disappeared |


Pasha, why didn’t you call your parents?

– Dad should have a birthday in two days, he was going to call.

– Did you think how to live then, run for a long time, hide?

– Tomorrow I had to go to work as a janitor. Sweep two yards in the Sorting. For this they promised to give a small room and a salary of 18 thousand a month. Labor was not promised, of course. It’s all illegal. There would be a permanent place of work and housing. I would save money and distribute it according to my mind. For the future, for the profession. And then it would be visible.

– How much did you earn?

– Two thousand and a half.

– Where are you going?

– I’ll give it to my parents. True, now a hundred rubles are left, the rest was spent on food.

It is not yet clear when Pasha will return to school. He assures that he wants to go to class. But tomorrow he and his parents will again travel to different authorities – they will do a medical examination, check if there are any traces of beatings on the body.

We wrote that we managed to find Pasha thanks to a call from a man who noticed the boy. Read the parents’ story about how they searched for their son and what happened on the eve of the disappearance. A few days later, a criminal case was opened under the article “Murder”.


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