Extra measures in Leiden to contain the corona virus



17 september 2020
LEAD – The cabinet will introduce additional measures in Leiden, Haarlem and the four major cities on Friday to contain the corona virus. That is what Minister Hugo de Jonge tells the NOS. ‘We mainly see infections in the west of the country. Especially in the big cities, especially in student cities. But also in, for example, the home situation. That does not make it easy to take one measure. We are in consultation with those regions to see which measures are appropriate.

There has been intensive consultation for days with Leiden, among others. The types of measures to be used to combat the infections are still being discussed. It is envisaged that catering establishments will be closed earlier or another measure regarding opening hours. Prime Minister Rutte and Minister De Jonge will most likely give a press conference on Friday.

It is still unclear whether the extra measures only apply to the city of Leiden, or (part of) the Hollands-Midden safety region.

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