From record number of sand turtles to first “male” on the moon: these are the new Belgian Guinness World Records


In addition to Belgian records from 2019, the latest edition also contains older ones. For example, the heaviest pumpkin in the world, 1,190.49 kilograms, a record from 2016 – congratulations Mathias Willemijns – and also the first statue on the moon.

That 8.5 cm long aluminum statuette, ‘Fallen astronaut’, was created by the Belgian artist Paul Van Hoeydonck and placed on the moon on 2 August 1971 by the American Apollo 15 astronauts David Scott and James Irwin, on the landing site Hadley-Apennine.

The little man represents a ‘fallen astronaut’ and the American space agency NASA wanted to commemorate the Russian and American astronauts who died while working.

Next to the statue is a commemorative plaque bearing the names of 14 astronauts who died, including the crew of ‘Apollo 1’, who died in a fire during a launch test in 1967, and the crew of Soyuz 11 of the Soviets, who were about a The month before the statue was placed on the moon, they died on the return journey from the Salyut 1 space station because the pressure in their capsule had dropped.


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