Has a plateau been touched? Coronavirus in Romania: eight essential graphics (HotNews)


Has a plateau been touched? Coronavirus in Romania: eight essential graphics (HotNews)

The coronavirus pandemic in Romania set a new record on Wednesday, with over 1,700 new cases reported in 24 hours. At the moment, the official values ​​far exceed the peaks of the first “hump” from April-May when the whole country was put on hold. However, the data from the last month seem to show a ceiling that Romania has reached, a plateau of 1,000+ daily cases on average and a situation in intensive care that seems to have stabilized around 500 patients severely affected by CVODI- 19. The new plateau we are on, especially compared to the maximum point in the second half of April, is perfectly illustrated in a series of up-to-date data charts. You can see the graphs HERE.

School in the new format, seen through the eyes of children: It’s heavy. Teachers do not know how to use the devices, we are not used to this way of teaching (ziare.com)

The Romanian education system does not seem to have learned much from the first half of 2020. After only three days from the beginning of the new school year, the authorities responsible for the smooth running of the educational act prove their helplessness in the face of new changes imposed by the pandemic context.

Of all the problems, the conduct of online classes is the most important. Students do not have technological devices to connect to online courses, and where they exist, there are other challenges such as lack of internet connection, poor performance equipment or digital illiteracy.

Ziare.com he contacted students from high schools in the country who identified these scenarios in the educational units to which they belong. They talked about the shortcomings, but also about the new conditions in which they returned to the classrooms.

Although provided for in the Constitution, 70% of town halls do not provide aid for students. “Generalized contempt” (Freedom)

The report on granting scholarships for students at the national level in the 2019-2020 school year, prepared by the Romanian Academic Society in partnership with the People’s Advocate institution, reveals a disastrous situation throughout the country. Although it is a provision stipulated in the Constitution, 70% of the mayors of Romania do not grant scholarships to students in difficulty.

Constantin-Alexandru Manda, the author of the report, SAR advocacy coordinator, explains in a interview for Freedom that the authorities can be held responsible for the tragedy of the more than 100,000 children who drop out of school each year.

More than 6,100 schools have no security or video surveillance system. Last year, more than 1,700 crimes were committed, most of them beatings and thefts, in or near schools (Edupedu).

More than a third of schools in Romania, ie 6,170 units out of the existing 18,000, do not have a security or video surveillance system, according to the National Action Plan to increase the safety of students and teachers, a document approved on September 11 and signed by the Ministers of Interior, Education and Development. Document proposes a reduction in the number of acts committed in schools, after last year there were 1,734 crimes, most of them beatings and thefts, in or near schools.

The nest of criminals from the Ministry of Transport (Adevărul)

The report of the Control and Anticorruption Corps Directorate within the Ministry of Transport accuses 107 employees from three directorates subordinated to stealing no less than 4.37 million euros.

The control started following a notification submitted in 2015 by the Confederation of Authorized Operators and Carriers in Romania (COTAR).

According to the report, dated September 8 this year, the employees knowingly and intentionally violated the integrity norms regarding the civil service and illegally appropriated 21,117,944 lei (4,375,000), through the professional training centers for drivers, driving instructors and transport managers.

$ 3.9 billion military program. Today, Romania has American Patriot missiles (free Romania)

The reception ceremony of the first Patriot surface-to-air missile system from the Romanian Army will take place today in the Capu Midia range.

Patriot ground-to-air systems are among the most powerful American weapons and will compensate, in Romania, the insufficient number of fighter planes.

Out of the total of seven batteries bought in total by Romania, four will return to the Air Force and three will be assigned to the Land Forces.


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