Koronovios: A 65-year-old man ended up in Sotiria


In 321 are now dead from a coronavirus in the country as, as it became known, in the last hours a 65-year-old man ended up in Sotiria hospital.According to information, the unfortunate man suffered from underlying diseases and was treated intubated in the hospital’s Intensive Care Unit.
It is recalled that the last 24 hours 529 patients are hospitalized, with 161 in need of intensive care in a special unit. The continuous increase of intubated patients puts a lot of pressure on the health system, especially in its most critical field, that of Intensive Care Units (ICUs, Intensive Care Units (ICUs) and Special Infection Units (ICUs) where patients with covid are treated. -19. Yesterday’s report was 71 intubated. That is, within a few hours, from the announcement of the EODY data where 67 intubated patients were reported, until the evening hours, another 4 patients had to be intubated.

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