Latvian family after getting sick with Covid-19


From the very beginning, she faced a reprimand from the parents of children’s classmates. In the parent groups of the class, some have expressed support for the family, while others have reprimanded how it could have happened that someone fell ill and went to school.

The woman also encountered a negative attitude in a medical institution when a family doctor sent her for a repeated lung x-ray. The referral states that the examination is necessary after the outbreak of Covid-19, for which a serious cry was raised at the reception of the medical institution – the staff said that the patients would not accept because negative coronavirus tests had to be presented.


The older children became ill with the disease easily – the son had a slight head and neck pain and a very low temperature for a couple of days, but the daughter’s runny nose lasted longer.

Older children’s classmates know that they have fallen ill with Covid-19 because other students in the class have also fallen ill. The youngest offspring in the class did not know it and the parents let them decide for themselves whether to say or not, because the reaction may be different, for example, someone may not want to sit next to them, classmates may ask a lot of questions, the child may receive a lot of attention. The youngest child has decided not to reveal to anyone that he was ill, at least for the time being.


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