Portuguese authorities: “Cause of outbreak in West Flanders …


The news that 77 young people from West Flanders became infected after a trip to Portugal is also big news in the southern European country. So great that the Ministry of Health felt obliged to respond to the fuss. “It is possible that the cause of this outbreak cannot be found in Portugal, but in Belgium,” he said.

In the meantime, the counter has already reached 77 young people from West Flanders who are infected with the corona virus, after a stay in the Algarve in Portugal. About 41 of those infected young people took part in a trip by ‘Summer Bash’, an organization that specializes in youth trips. He thinks that the infections took place outside the camp activities. Many groups of young people who rented houses in the region separately from the camp also turned out to be infected.

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But according to the Portuguese authorities, the cause of this fire may not be in the Algarve, but in Belgium. “The organizers of this trip have already admitted that they barely respected safety regulations,” said Graça Freitas, director-general of the Portuguese health services. According to Freitas, the chance is therefore not that a Belgian was already infected before traveling to Portugal, and subsequently infected his or her traveling companions. “Given the incubation period of the disease, and the large number of people who may be infected but still show no symptoms, the people who became ill in Portugal were not necessarily infected by a Portuguese.”

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The Portuguese authorities promised to conduct an investigation to find the origin of this source of infection. “But since it happened a few days ago, and most infected cases are no longer in the country, that promises to be very difficult,” he said.


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