The mayor of Deveselu died because of COVID-19. Ion Aliman is running for a third term


The mayor of Deveselu commune, from Olt county, died due to COVID 19. Ion Aliman was hospitalized at a hospital in Bucharest and was running for his third term, Mediafax reports.

The mayor of Deveselu commune, Ion Aliman, lost this morning the fight with the SARS-COV2 virus. The mayor of Deveselu was confirmed with COVID-19 on September 4. He was initially hospitalized at the COVID Support Hospital in Caracal, but because his health deteriorated, he was transferred to the Colentina Hospital in Bucharest.

Ion Aliman was 57 years old and was captain of a cruise ship until 2012, when he gave up sailing and became the leader of Deveselu commune. He had recently re-entered the election race and wanted a third term on the PSD lists.

During his tenure, the NATO Base in Deveselu was operationalized. For the locals, the arrival of the American military meant millions of euros invested in the development of the commune.

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