Positive to coronary doctor in Tyrnavos


A 47-year-old doctor from Tyrnavos was hospitalized in a negative pressure chamber yesterday, who, according to the results of the check, was found to be positive for coronavirus and visited the hospital with some suspicious symptoms.

The doctor wanted to disclose his health problem, stressing that publicizing the problem is an act of responsibility the same to the local community and to the people she came into contact with.


Positive coronary doctor in Tyrnavos - How he thinks he got stuck

The doctor noted that due to severe back pain that worsened on the afternoon of Tuesday March 31, he did not go to his office since that day and the first alarming symptoms of dyspnoea and fever began to appear late Wednesday, with the result that he was hospitalized yesterday.

His health is stable, he is given oxygen, and he invites all those who have been in contact with him lately if they have any symptoms to contact EODY.

Note that the doctor believes he stuck with the virus during a recent visit to a Larissa store when a person sneezed next to him.

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